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"LET'S GROWL" is ready for streaming, purchase or free download. Check it out on the AUDIO page!
Styx likes The Laramie Project:10 Years Later super live theatre in Auckland, N.Z. Check it out! Support N.Z. ARTISTS!!!
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Past Shows

Ninkasi, Sans Souci

Mon premiére concert à Lyon. Merci à tous de votre soutien!


Sing Along with Tony!

Ninkasi, Tarare

On a cold winter night, Styx was warming souls

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Drummer, Solo Recording Artist and Ranconteur
Born in Hamiltron (City of the Future), New Zealand, Styx and younger brother Duncan the Dirty Dog were raised by a nest of wild ants. Hobbies include: Liquor, Ladies and Lewdity. Ambitions include: To make smiles and Prove that money can not buy happiness. Sometimes Styx puts on a serious face and plays beautiful background music for corporate functions. Use the CONTACTS page if you want to book him. And sometimes Styx calls himself Tony Wyeth, usually when he puts on loads of different faces and pretends he's an actor or a composer. Check out the VIDEO page!

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