Not Much Happening…

So not much is happening at the moment. A new song is on the way. It’s upbeat, in ya face. Gonna make a lyric video, maybe featuring this cat…
rocking cat
If anyone is intro producing, I highly recommend checking out AVICCI on the Future Music channel, Youtube. You can watch him work in his studio. He looks like he’s 12. And he works very bloody fast. Fruity Loops Studio looks amazing too. I remember the old free version… sigh. Great arpeggiator.

An Admission, a Promise and Respect.


Okay, so by now you may have realised I’m pretty crap at blog posting with regularity. This is my admission. My promise therefor, is to TRY and improve! VOILA!
So today I shall share with you all the glee I felt as I took the photo attached to this article. Yes, tis I, Styx. I cannot tell a lie. I am wearing a shirt that was a gift from two great friends who are currently circumnavigating south america and it’s beaches. I am jealous.
The shirt says “I love boobies” which is very true. Of course the shirt is referencing the blue footed boobie bird, native to the Galapagos Islands, of which I am also extremely fond. Save the boobies I say. Love the boobies. Treat the boobies with respect and they will respect you. Et voila, Respect.
Here endith the blogon (A blog that teaches you a lesson)
Love n lix,

Respect the Boobies and they shall respect you!

Respect the Boobies and they shall respect you!


What the-?
How does time pass so fast? Oh wait, I know… kids.
So here we are. February. Hi winter, how are you? Thanks for leaving my gingernuts alone thus far, they prefer warm baking to cold tinkling. I hope this doesn’t mean the worst is yet to come. I remember last year, you suprised the hell out of us all with a -15 degree freeze that lasted two weeks. Hah! What a giggle that was. I was still sick one month later. But hey, no grudges, I still like you February, you’re a good well rounded, commonsensickal four week month. Not like all those other wishy washy am I 30 or am I 31 day month freaks.
So here’s the plan anyway Feb, (can I call you Feb?). I’ve made some vids of me performing live, now I can send people who don’t know my music to youtube and they can see what I look and sound like and MAYBE just MAYBE one of them might give me a gig. It’s tough here in little La France. There are one or two other funky love cats howling their wears to joe and jane publique. But the time is now to get gigs in the upcoming summer.
Then there is a video to make for a new single to release. Not sure which song yet, probably The Selfish Generation (comments anyone?)
Then there’s a team to create. YEP! A TEAM! A street team of friends who want to help Styx get his sounds out there. And then of course there are new songs to finish…. Yikes! Saperlipopette! Heaps to do.
Better get started then!
Stay warm, Feb. PLEEEEEEEASE!!!
Styx out

Progress Report

Hey Diddly Ho,
The new year is under way. Undies are way over rated. So much to do, so little time to do it.
Today I made and uploaded a “Welcome to the Website” video. Hope you like it. It offers FREE STUFF! Yes FREE STUFF!!! It is a blatant attempt to get followers, I can not lie. But hey, I have things to say, share, shovel etc.

In the pipeline…
!) A new song presented on video in acoustic styles, complete with “SPOT THE GOLDEN ARMADILLO” competition.
2) A new video for the new single “The Selfish Generation”
In the GIANT pipeline…
1) A live and unplugged video, the acoustic set
2) A new song, maybe called “Goodbye”

Et voila. In between all this, I’ll be pushing the website, trying to get followers, rehearsing like mad, trying to get gigs and all the rest that goes with being a DIY muso in a foreign land.
If anyone wants to help or has any ideas on who I sound a bit like, please leave a comment and tell me!


Styx out

The New Year

Happy New Year, Bonne Année!
Heaps to do this year, my friends. New songs to record, a video to make for the new single The Selfish Generation and a huge push at getting that song out there. I will also attempt regularity of the literal kind right here for your very own amusement. Styx is going into publicity/connection overdrive. I’ll also make some basic videos of my AcouStyx Set for one and all. Yipppeee!
Styx out

Insects and Tables with Violent Legs

Awoken by crows i shimmied to the centre of my bed. And so began a mad scramble for unity of the mind. To become one we must split, screamed my eyes. I chose not to acknowledge their cries. My belly however, agreed. I groaned, slid to the floor, thrust my hands between my thighs, got feraly foetal , clenching those rebellious eyes, my sock eaten mouth and each and every other orifice i possessed.

And who should come to comfort me? The Angel Gabriel? My Mum? No.

Insects and tables with violent legs.

Just say no, they scowled. Just say no!


St Rambert

Wahoo! After slight technical difficulties whereby all technicalities were thence abandoned, the spectacle that is Styx Growler began. Many thanks to Rodolf, John D’Oeuf, Younix, Gouv and Peire the Trumpeter. And huge thanks to all who bought the EP. Yes, both of you! Let the good times make like a sausage and roll!

Return of the Styx

Dear Ladies and Germs,
Please forgive my absence. When France was hit by a nasty -15 degree winter snap, my body decided the best form of defence was a +40 degree fever. The battle lasted most of February. But the battle has been won.
Let normal transmission resume…

Styx out

The drowning voice

Where’d you put my man? I hear the mute sing. And there he is, blurring at the edges, ghostly double vision. Swirling with the cloud cross breeze, in the sun his edge is hard.

You are his sun.

Take him, love him, feed him your smile. And breath. Don’t leave him to explore the drowning voice. No more itching flitching waiting lonely. Shout be a corpse! I’m coffin! Or cremation. He will rise.

You are his sun.


And Love

I dip my face into clouds. Smile through the sharp wind. Isn’t it wonderful, the miracle of flight?

And love, comes out of nowhere.  Takes you where you dreamed.

And dreams, feel strange when you’re awake.

I can see the harbour. Full of toys and tans. Poisoned by man. And entertainment.

But love, comes out of nowhere.  Takes you where you dreamed.

And dreams, feel strange when you’re awake.

Found myself think=ing, other peoples thoughts. Found my body feel=ing, other peoples froughts. One day I’ll be clean. One day I’ll be pure.

And love, comes out of nowhere.  Takes you where you dreamed.

And dreams, feel strange when you’re a-