Progress Report

Hey Diddly Ho,
The new year is under way. Undies are way over rated. So much to do, so little time to do it.
Today I made and uploaded a “Welcome to the Website” video. Hope you like it. It offers FREE STUFF! Yes FREE STUFF!!! It is a blatant attempt to get followers, I can not lie. But hey, I have things to say, share, shovel etc.

In the pipeline…
!) A new song presented on video in acoustic styles, complete with “SPOT THE GOLDEN ARMADILLO” competition.
2) A new video for the new single “The Selfish Generation”
In the GIANT pipeline…
1) A live and unplugged video, the acoustic set
2) A new song, maybe called “Goodbye”

Et voila. In between all this, I’ll be pushing the website, trying to get followers, rehearsing like mad, trying to get gigs and all the rest that goes with being a DIY muso in a foreign land.
If anyone wants to help or has any ideas on who I sound a bit like, please leave a comment and tell me!


Styx out

The New Year

Happy New Year, Bonne Année!
Heaps to do this year, my friends. New songs to record, a video to make for the new single The Selfish Generation and a huge push at getting that song out there. I will also attempt regularity of the literal kind right here for your very own amusement. Styx is going into publicity/connection overdrive. I’ll also make some basic videos of my AcouStyx Set for one and all. Yipppeee!
Styx out