What the-?
How does time pass so fast? Oh wait, I know… kids.
So here we are. February. Hi winter, how are you? Thanks for leaving my gingernuts alone thus far, they prefer warm baking to cold tinkling. I hope this doesn’t mean the worst is yet to come. I remember last year, you suprised the hell out of us all with a -15 degree freeze that lasted two weeks. Hah! What a giggle that was. I was still sick one month later. But hey, no grudges, I still like you February, you’re a good well rounded, commonsensickal four week month. Not like all those other wishy washy am I 30 or am I 31 day month freaks.
So here’s the plan anyway Feb, (can I call you Feb?). I’ve made some vids of me performing live, now I can send people who don’t know my music to youtube and they can see what I look and sound like and MAYBE just MAYBE one of them might give me a gig. It’s tough here in little La France. There are one or two other funky love cats howling their wears to joe and jane publique. But the time is now to get gigs in the upcoming summer.
Then there is a video to make for a new single to release. Not sure which song yet, probably The Selfish Generation (comments anyone?)
Then there’s a team to create. YEP! A TEAM! A street team of friends who want to help Styx get his sounds out there. And then of course there are new songs to finish…. Yikes! Saperlipopette! Heaps to do.
Better get started then!
Stay warm, Feb. PLEEEEEEEASE!!!
Styx out

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