An Admission, a Promise and Respect.


Okay, so by now you may have realised I’m pretty crap at blog posting with regularity. This is my admission. My promise therefor, is to TRY and improve! VOILA!
So today I shall share with you all the glee I felt as I took the photo attached to this article. Yes, tis I, Styx. I cannot tell a lie. I am wearing a shirt that was a gift from two great friends who are currently circumnavigating south america and it’s beaches. I am jealous.
The shirt says “I love boobies” which is very true. Of course the shirt is referencing the blue footed boobie bird, native to the Galapagos Islands, of which I am also extremely fond. Save the boobies I say. Love the boobies. Treat the boobies with respect and they will respect you. Et voila, Respect.
Here endith the blogon (A blog that teaches you a lesson)
Love n lix,

Respect the Boobies and they shall respect you!

Respect the Boobies and they shall respect you!

St Rambert

Wahoo! After slight technical difficulties whereby all technicalities were thence abandoned, the spectacle that is Styx Growler began. Many thanks to Rodolf, John D’Oeuf, Younix, Gouv and Peire the Trumpeter. And huge thanks to all who bought the EP. Yes, both of you! Let the good times make like a sausage and roll!